Advertise is the best place to advertise any product or service. Owing to the fact that we get millions of views everyday, you can be absolutely sure to get a very high patronage for your product or service(s). Incase you haven’t noticed, we will tell you: There is no webpage or link you open on this website that your advertisement will not be seen. So why not take advantage of that by simply adverising with us.
How do i advertise here?

It’s very simple; start by reading the guildlines below and if you agree with them, you can contact us.

You need a banner

To place your advertisement on this website, you need a banner which will display your product or service(s). The banner should have a size of (370px by 200px) , (728px by 90px) and it can be of any web-safe format (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, etc.).

You need a website

Of course, having a website is not compulsory but its importance cannot be overlooked. To make your clients or customers (as the case may be) to read more about your product and/or service or even to make transactions, we recommend that you have a website where all these information can be disseminated. To make it easier for our users to patronise you, you will be advised to submit your website address for straight and direct connection to your website. Remember that it is not compulsory to submit your website address along with your picture, however, it’s advised.

User satisfaction

To protect the interest of our users, we will need to be absolutely sure that your advertisement is completely harmless to our users and to effect that, It may take a few minutes or more before your advertisement gets uploaded on this website.


When submitting your picture, ensure that the picture says exactly what it does. That is, make sure your picture explain what the user should be expecting. For example, If you sell electronic devices, the picture which our users will see should let them know that if they see, read or click the picture, it should redirect them to where they can purchase these items.

If you have read the guilding principles above and agreed to it, kindly proceed by sending a private message to

if you want to make any enquiry, Contact Us